About us


Klavium, formerly known as Avatar, hails from the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. This 2 man demolition thrash metal band comprises of brothers Kahdil Beharry Singh and Dylan Beharry Singh. Together they make the difference, igniting traditional old school thrash metal with its raw gripping adrenaline packed mind blowing performances. Klavium first started out under the name Avatar with Kahdil as the vocalist/guitarist and ‘Ryan’ as the drummer. Dylan on the other hand, was waiting around to become the bassist. Even though Ryan was the drummer at the beginning, he never performed live with the band because he was unable to live up to the pressure of performing live. Dylan took his place in 2006 with absolutely no experience as a drummer. After a few months of practicing, the brothers managed to create a half song entitled ‘This is the Life’ and they performed live for the first time in 2006 with only a 1 minute song. For the rest of the 30 minute gig they free styled and the crowd went crazy. This was when Avatar was born.

They started to practice more and more at their parents tattoo shop and was able to create full length songs. Soon after, they began scoring a few gigs a year in local bars and rock pubs. In 2009, a bass player nicknamed ‘Dogg’ auditioned to join the band, and when they had to perform as a 3 piece band for the first time, ‘Dogg’ ditched out. So again, Avatar performed live as a duo. A few months after, a lead guitarist auditioned and joined the band, and Avatar ended up taking a break from gigs to work on news songs. They performed live as a 3 piece band until 2011 but unfortunately, the lead guitarist didn’t last long either. So again, Avatar was left as a duo. After having members in and out of the band, Kahdil and Dylan decided to remain a 2 man band and this is when they embarked on a ‘DIY’ mission.

The brothers took a break again in 2013 and returned in 2015 with full force. Their first release entitled ‘Cursed EP’ was launched in November 2015.  This 4 track EP is an introduction to what is yet to come alive in the future. The songs gives off an old school thrash metal vibe that is raw and powerful. The tracks ‘Feeling of Life’ and ‘Through Reality’ is compact with aggressive vocals, violent and edgy riffs and when it is played live, it releases a shock of adrenaline and energetic ambiance. In 2016 the band announced its new name ‘Klavium’. Klavium’s music reaches out to many people outside of Trinidad that describes their music as ‘violent’, ‘intense’, ‘mind blowing’, ‘amazing’ and too good to be just a 2 man band. This 2 man demolition band is inspirational, loud, exhilarating and different. Till this date, Klavium commits and live by their slogan, No Metal…No Life.