Band Members

13557659_1238025616207885_1536350158129178741_nKahdil Beharry Singh

Born: July 18th, 1988

Instrument: Guitar & Vocals

A self taught musician with the capability to make people go insane with his intense riffs and aggressive vocals. Kahdil learned to play the guitar starting off with a partially destroyed one string box guitar. His lyrics reflect the reality within, as well as world issues and societal constraints. On stage, he connects with the crowd and the energy that is produced from that connection is what leaves people coming back  for more,   gig after gig.


Dylan Beharry Singh

Born: October 22nd, 1991

Instrument: Drums

Well known for being a maniac on the drums, Dylan is a self taught musician that started off drumming in 2005. His creativity and ‘don’t give a sh*t’ attitude shines through, and makes him a focal point on stage. His energy also reflects onto the crowd and when he goes into beast mode, the crowd goes into beast mode too.